Our Students - Rules

Computer Room Rules

  • Due to the limited hard drive space available to students they must store large documents, photos, videos etc on personal storage devices. Pen drives are a safe and convenient storage method. Alternatively a portable hard drive can be used.
  • Only students with a current signed Internet agreement may use the Internet.
  • Students are not to adjust any settings on the computers or printers.
  • No food or drink in the room.
  • Students are not to use ipods or MP3s on school computers.
  • Only one student per chair.
  • If you move desks and/or chairs please return them to their original places before leaving the room.
  • Put CD’s away.
  • Paper and rubbish is to be placed in the bins provided.
  • Collect your work as you leave.

Internet Use
All students who have completed a current Internet agreement will be allowed to use this facility at the school. When students are enrolled they are asked to complete the agreement with parents. This agreement will be renewed each year to remind students of their responsibilities. The agreement will be signed by children at school.

Library Rules

  • The Library Officer is a valued member of our staff and must be treated with respect. Students must follow the Library Officer’s instructions.
  • All students, years K - 4 must have a book bag. Strict policy: no book bag - no borrowing.
  • No food or drink in the library.
  • Resources must always be borrowed using the Book Mark computer.
  • When returning equipment, students and/or teachers should scan the item back in using the Book Mark computer and place the item/s on the returns trolley.
  • If a book is damaged or lost then it is the responsibility of the parent to pay for a replacement.
  • The library will close for borrowing one week prior to the end of term.
  • The library will be open at lunchtime for student use. During this time it will be staffed by the library officer or a parent rostered on by the P&C Association.